Intruder alarms

Protect your business with a commercial burglar alarm system

Burglar Alarm was and always will be one of the great ways to protect your premiss from burglars. It’s is very true that with Security Cameras the efficiancy of protection is almost 100%. 

Intruder alarms

Your Commercial Alarm System From

There are additonal featres that been addedd to our alarm systems such as Celullar communicator and Smart Home functions like Lights Control, A/C Control, Locks Control and so forth.

It is redculisly cheap comper to the high-end systems. Have a full control from your mobile app 24/7.

Why have an intruder alarm system?

Every year 1 in 18 families experience a burglary incident.

The number of attempted burglaries has increased by 177% since 1990.

28% of homes burgled once are burgled again.

34% of burglaries take place when people are at home.

Having an alarm fitted can reduce your insurance costs.

The benefits of installing an intruder alarm:

  • Protect your business from theft
  • Deter vandals from entering your premises
  • Reduce insurance premiums

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Improved Home Security. Burglars, vandals, and other criminals typically target properties where the residents are either away or asleep.

  • Require no touch
  • Elderly, child and disability-friendly
  • Always safe and able to see
  • Motion sensor lights conserve power

Glass break detectors can set off an alarm when they detect the sound of breaking glass. These systems can cover whole rooms with a single sensor.

When you get a window and door sensor installed, you will be instantly notified by your home security system whenever any person triggers the sensors.

  • Keep Out Criminals
  • Extra Deterrent
  • Peace Of Mind

Complete perimeter protection with door, window, and glass break sensors.

  • Prevents damage
  • Prevents planning
  • Protects trespassers from being harmed

Check 24/7 live video monitoring through our simple to use security cameras with two-way voice capability.

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